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The Archbald Pothole is the largest pothole in the world surpassing in size even
the more noted potholes of Switzerland and other parts of the world.

    The pothole is located on the Hackle track in Archbald Borough. It was discovered in April 1883 by Patrick Mahon a miner employed by Jones, Simpson & Co. The men were opening a chamber in an airway and they struck the pothole after discharging a blast. They immediatly reported to operators that they had found an outcrop, but the latter knew this could not be so and continued to prosecute work at that point. Large round stones and gravel began to pour into the mine, and after removing great quantities of this the rim of the hole was found. The pothole was then bratticed and used as an air shaft. Negotiations were begun for the purchase of the ground surrounding the pothole. Col. Hackle, the owner, declined to sell, but he appropriated $500 for the preservation of the pothole in the interests of science.


In 1914, the Lackawanna Historical Society secured the deed for the acre of land
comprising the pothole from Mrs. C.B. Hackley, whose late husband owned the land on which the pothole is located. The Society operated the site until July 10, 1960 when it was named a State Park and the State of Pennsylvania took over operations of the pothole park.

The grounds were improved and a concrete viewng platform was constructed out over the pothole. All in all the site has been developed into a pleasant park and those from the area who have not seen this natural wonder might take the family to the park for a great Sunday picnic.

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