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400 Church Street
Archbald, PA  18403
Lackawanna County

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The earnest settlement of Archbald (or White Oak Run) began in 1845. The vast majority of the settlers were Irish Catholics, fleeing the potato famine in Ireland. The first settlers, described Archbald as:    "A magnificent region in those days. It was a vast expanse of woodland, dotted here and there with well-tilled farms. Viewed from the high rocks at the northern end of town, it made an entrancing panorama as the landscape spread away towards the North and the South. The well-wooded hills especially in the fall gathered up her robes of glory, presented to the beholder a vision of loveliness in color not easily surpassed."

Archbald Borough was incorpated in 1877 from Blakely Township and named after James Archbald, who was very prominent in the development of the Lackawanna Valley, both economically and industrially. Held in high esteem by those who knew him best, Mr. Archbald had the entire confidence and affection of the railroad managers and employees. "The simplicity of his character, the purity of his life, and the uprightness of his dealings, have made his name synonymous with honesty. He never failed in his work, he never refused a favor, nor harbored an enemy and he never solicited an office." The village of Eynon in the borough is named after Thomas Eynon, a Welshman who developed coal mines in the area.
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