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Revised for 2011

Important Notice to Archbald Borough Residents

Yard waste is no longer collected by the Borough’s trash hauler. Yard waste includes branches, grass clippings and leaves. If it is put out with your regular garbage it will be left at the curb side. Yard waste must now be placed in recyclable paper bags.

The Borough DPW will begin curbside pickup every other week the same day as the regular recycling beginning April 11th. Please put the recyclable bag at your curb the night before.

 Lawn and leaf waste in plastic bags will not be accepted.

The special biodegradable kraft paper bags (recyclable paper bags) are available at the Municipal Building, 400 Church Street, Archbald, or at home and garden stores.

There can be no commingling with any other materials; that is no brush or branches, no garbage, animal waste, dirt, construction material, or other recyclables. Collection stations or drop-off sites are not provided due to past problems.

Branch and brush can be placed curbside for chipping. No bags allowed. Please call the Borough offices at 876-1800 to be placed on the list for chipping.

Archbald Borough Council has taken this measure for two major reasons. The first is economic. Increased dumping fees and collection costs have forced an increase in the annual fee for trash collection. Every ton of material which is taken out of the garbage collection waste stream will help prevent an escalation in annual garbage disposal fees. The second is environmental. Rather than fill limited landfill space with yard waste it is preferable to recycle the material into compost. All Archbald’s yard waste will be taken to the Lackawanna County Recycling Center and be used to create nutrient rich compost available for public use.

Please contact the Archbald Borough Administration Office, 400 Church Street, Archbald at 876-1800 for further information regarding yard waste recycling.

Any construction material, wood, or special pickups call Waste Management at 1-800-222-2028.

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